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Food Committee Chairpersons:

Ashlea Mirsky   (

We have put together a  guide for parents and rowers to answer any food related questions during the season.

  1. We feed about 100 rowers each regatta all day long for pre/post race.  We feed about 175 people at year-end BBQ. Crew is a sport that requires significant time commitment from the athletes due to the nature of the sport/locations of races.  This is in turn asks parents to be involved on some level so our athletes have people to help with actual races at times and  to make  sure our athletes have adequate nutrition at the all day races. With 100 rowers the time commitment is easily shared if we all “pull together”.

  2. Rowers will have food/drinks available all day long for Varsity/Novice away and home races.  (Novice only races tend to be after school and they bring a snack/fluids with them, we do not set up the tables for Novice only races.)  Food is available to rowers at no charge. Typically this includes bagels and cream cheese, cereal, oatmeal, yogurts and fresh fruit, cheese sticks,  water, juices and Gatorade, home baked breads and muffins. (NO JUNK FOOD! We try to limit the sugars and fats available.)

  3. We will send a weekly food email with Sign Up Genius links that will remind people to sign up for any open jobs and another link to the food weekly donation Sign Up Genius.  Email will also give hot food option for the week.

  4. We have a hot lunch option available for the away races in the Spring, and for both home and away races in the Fall.  Prices are typically $5 per person that rowers and family members may opt to buy.   We will put out information in weekly email as to what lunch is that week and have a parent volunteer collect the money at  DRC on Wednesdays. Depending on the race, this is served starting midday, the rowers generally eat after their race to avoid upset (vomiting)  stomachs during middle of races.

  5. Reference the “Food Committee Jobs” (under the Regatta Food Menu) for food committee job descriptions.

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