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Food Committee Jobs

Shrewsbury Crew – Food Committee Jobs


   Food Committee Chair – organizes food committee to feed 100 rowers weekly for away and home races, uses Sign up Genius to arrange for weekly food donations and  volunteers to receive weekly food/ice donations , transport food to away races, set up food tables, stock food tables throughout race day,  cook hot food lunch and clean up.  Food Chair also keeps food bins/ice coolers stocked and organized for weekly races, stores them in off season. Food Chair also works with coaches to organize year end BBQ.

Ÿ  Race Day AM Organizer –  Receives and organizes food/ice/paper products donations morning of race, must be at DRC early when athletes are being dropped off. (Athletes will be bringing in donations as they arrive for race/bus.)  If  home race helps sets up food tables where coaches want food set up.  If away race help load food/coolers and supplies bins into transport person van/truck. Athletes will usually set up tents where coaches tell them.  Tables and tents in boathouse.  This person often also does AM Race day food table stocking job listed below.

Ÿ   Race Day Food/Supplies Transport Person –  For Away races only, must have a van or truck that  will transport  food/coolers, bins to race.  Coaches usually take the tables/tents.  Help set up tables/tents upon arrival. Athletes will help set up tents and tables.   Sometimes you can drive  your vehicle right to race site and leave vehicle there, sometimes you may drop off supplies and then move your vehicle to designated parking area. Van is usually very full, typically you will only be able to take one person with you in your vehicle that is sitting in front seat next to you in front passenger seat. Brings bins/coolers back to Chairperson house to get ready for next week’s race.

Ÿ  Race Day Food Table Person – Typically divided up into AM person and PM  person, usually a few people will share this over course of race day. Checks food table periodically to stock it, check food fresh, covered, iced, etc. Stocks bins with water/drinks. You DO NOT have to stay at table all day!  Just check it and keep food moving. Help with hot food lunch as needed., May do both jobs.  Pm person helps with clean up.

Ÿ  Hot Food Lunch – Cooks, serves optional  hot  food lunch, usually 2-3 people and has help from Race day food table person and many parents that chip in. Meals will be paid for in advance, you will have a checklist of who ordered what.  Food Chair will take care of the food orders, buying food ahead of time and van person will transport food.  We will arrange for means to cook.

Ÿ  Clean Up – Cleans up and helps take down tables and tents, puts supplies back in bins, puts bins/coolers into transports person’s vehicle to bring back to chair person. Athletes will help with take down of tents, tables and loading them into coaches’ trucks.  They also help getting bins into transport person’s van. Check site is clean and neat, trash picked up. Any non-perishable food/drinks go back into bins for next race.  Give away perishable foods to who wants it.  Someone will usually take the leftover bananas or apples to make a bread for the next race.

Ÿ  Money Collector – One person to go to DRC Wednesday at beginning or end of practice to collect money from athletes that want to buy the hot meal option  The may also buy a meal for family members at this time.  All meals MUST  be ordered and paid for in advance so we have the money to buy the food ahead of time and have enough for those that have ordered hot lunch.  You will have a spreadsheet with all the athletes listed to keep track of who ordered and how many meals they paid for.  Deliver money and list to Chairperson so chair has time and the money to pay for food.

Thanks to everyone for all the hard work and help!

Truly many hands make the load light and the rowers most definitely appreciate being well fed.  Work the food table and see how happy they are coming in off the water!

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