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MPSRA Fall Championship 10/28 – IMPORTANT UPDATES

IMPORTANT! More changes:

We just received an email from the race directors and the schedule has, in fact, been changed again. The updated times are below. All members of the team must report now for a 6 AM bus departure from the DRC.
The link for the Results for race day is at
UPDATED Schedule of Events:
Girls 1st Novice 8+ @ 8:46 am
Boys 1st Novice 8+ @ 9:12 am
Boys 2nd Novice 8+ @ 9:24 am
Boys 1st Varsity 8+ @ 11:30 am
Boys 2nd Varsity 8+ @ 11:42 am
Boys 3rd Varsity 8+ @ 11:48 am
Girls 1st Varsity 8+ @ 12:00 pm
Girls 2nd Varsity 8+ @ 12:11 pm
Girls 3rd Varsity 8+ @ 12:20 pm


Athletes were told, but a reminder that report time tomorrow has changed to 6:45am. Bus is leaving at 7am SHARP. The only exception to this is the specific coxswains who were spoken to by the coaches who are leaving earlier. Any questions please contact your coaches or captains.

UPDATED Schedule of Events:
Boys 1st Novice 8+ @ 10:00 am
Boys 2nd Novice 8+ @ 10:12 am
Girls 1st Novice 8+ @ 10:24 am
Boys 1st Varsity 8+ @ 12:20 pm
Boys 2nd Varsity 8+ @ 12:31 pm
Boys 3rd Varsity 8+ @ 12:37 pm
Girls 1st Varsity 8+ @ 12:49 pm
Girls 2nd Varsity 8+ @ 1:01 pm
Girls 3rd Varsity 8+ @ 1:09 pm

The following is a communication from the coaching staff:

Our last race of the season is scheduled for this Sunday, October 28 at Lowell, MA (Bellegarde Boathouse, 500 Pawtucket Blvd.).

Schedule of events:

Boys 1st Novice 8+ @ 11:02 am

Boys 2nd Novice 8+ @ 11:17 am

Girls 1st Novice 8+ @ 11:27 am

Boys 1st Varsity 8+ @ 1:46 pm

Boys 2nd Varsity 8+ @ 1:59 pm

Boys 3rd Varsity 8+ @ 2:12 pm

Girls 1st Varsity 8+ @ 2:24 pm

Girls 2nd Varsity 8+ @ 2:37 pm

Girls 3rd Varsity 8+ @ 2:49 pm

The schedule has not been finalized by the race directors so there could be some changes to the start time of each race.  On the day of the race, refer to HereNow live results at, and click on the “Results” tab of the MPSRA Fall Championship for both the day’s schedule as well as overall live results.

For those new to this venue, there has usually been a pay-for-parking lot across the street from the Bellegarde Boathouse.  There is also on-street parking further down Pawtucket Blvd, past the finish line.  The good news is that this venue is far more spectator-friendly than NH.  You don’t have to look through trees in order to see our team racing.

All student-athletes need to report to the DRC/State Boat Ramp parking lot for an 8 am, sharp, bus departure.  Parent pick-up at the end of the day will also be at the DRC/State Boat Ramp.  A few of the coxswains (they have already been told this) will have to report to the DRC parking lot for a 6 am departure, riding in the tow vehicle with the coaches because of a 7 am coaches/coxswains meeting at the race venue.  These coxswains will be taking the team bus home.

All student-athletes must take the bus to and from the race site.  If for some family reason, your son/daughter needs to leave from the race site with you, a Transportation Exception Form must be printed, completed, and signed by both the Athletic Director and the respective head coach.  It must be a valid reason, and not just that your son/daughter doesn’t want to ride home on the bus.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Thank you

The Coaches

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