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UPDATED – Race Information for Saturday, 5/11

The following update has been provided by the coaches:

We received additional information from Glastonbury Crew about tomorrow’s race. We still don’t have the actual lane assignments, but we at least have the order of races.  There are 4s races in between some of these races – that’s why there is some larger time gaps between some of the races. These are listed below. 

In the past, on the water side of the Glastonbury Boathouse, the organizers set up a large whiteboard with lane assignments.  If we are unable to get to you the lane assignments, we’re assuming that this whiteboard will be set up again.

Due to all of the rain, the grass area parking lot that we had mentioned in yesterday’s email will not be used.  Below, we have all of the necessary updated spectator parking information. The team buses are still leaving tomorrow morning no later than 5:45 am from the DRC.

Race Order:
9:00 AM Novice Girls 8+ 
9:15 AM Novice Boys 8+
10:15 AM 3V Girls 8+
10:30 AM 3V Boys 8+
10:45 AM 2V Girls 8+
11:00 AM 2V Boys 8+
11:45 AM 1V Girls 8+
12:00 PM 1V Boys 8+
Awards Ceremony 

Parking Information: Spectators will need to park at Glastonbury HS (330 Hubbard Street, Glastonbury, CT) and take a shuttle bus to the Boathouse. The shuttle will run from 6:30 am to 2 pm or until everyone is transported back to GHS.  The shuttles will run continuously.  Please enter GHS from New London Turnpike as Hubbard Street will be closed due to another town event.  Please park in the lot indicated as lot “D” on the map.  You may also park in lot 2 or 3 (use the lower part of lot 2 closer to lot 3).  There is a map of GHS parking attached. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN LOT ONE.

Directions to Glastonbury HS (provided by the race organizers): From 84 East & 84 West:• Take Route 2 East to exit 7 (left fork in road) to Route 17  • Take a second left fork (about 3/4 mile), sign says East Glastonbury/New London Turnpike.  • This fork will bring you onto New London Turnpike in Glastonbury & to the first traffic light.  • Continue past first traffic light.  • Continue past second traffic light, on your right will be an entrance. You will pass the football field and lot 1.  Continue straight to lot D on the right and lots 2 and 3 on the left. 

The following information has been provided by the coaches:

We still have not received the race schedule/lane assignments for Saturday’s race, but we can at least provide for you all of the other necessary details. As soon as we receive the race schedule, we will pass that along.

The buses will be leaving no later than 5:45 am on Saturday morning.  Return to the DRC will be around 4 pm.  The return time is fluid as this race has a history of not running on time.

There is no spectator parking at the Glastonbury Boathouse itself.  Parking for spectators is in a grass area behind Riverfront Community Center.  Per the Glastonbury Crew website, the entrance to this parking area is across the street from 150 Naubuc Ave, Glastonbury, CT.  This is the address that you want to plug into the GPS.

We’re aware that it is SHS Junior Prom on Saturday night, any student-athlete from the team that plans on attending the prom does not have to complete a Transportation Exception Form.  As soon as the race is over, and the boat is back in slings, those prom-goers can leave. We are requiring them to let Coach Lauren Guba know when they are leaving – both boys and girls.  This means that all promgoers must personally tell Lauren.  They cannot have someone else in their place tell Lauren that they left.  We don’t want to mistakenly leave anyone in CT.

As a note, other than those attending the prom, unless there is an important event, requiring the student-athletes to not ride the buses, all team members must take the team buses both to and from the race course.  Drop off on Saturday morning and pick up on late Saturday afternoon will both be at the state boat ramp.  If there is an important event (excluding the prom), then those who cannot take the buses must print out, complete, and have signed the Transportation Exception Form.

Updated: May 10, 2019 — 2:03 pm
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