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Race Information for 10/6

This Sunday, October 6, marks the beginning of our racing season (finally!). We will be competing at the Head of the Riverfront Regatta at Riverside Park in Hartford, CT. This is the first time that SHS Crew will be competing in this race so we, unfortunately, don’t know much about the venue, other than what has been provided to us by the race organizers.

The team buses will be leaving the DRC promptly at 7 am and will be returning to the DRC around 6 pm(ish).

Race order and times:
Boys 2V, 3V, & 4V (all in the same race; Men’s 2nd Junior 8+ on the official schedule) – 11:10 am
Girls 2V, 3V, & 4V (all in the same race; Women’s 2nd Junior 8+ on the official schedule) – 12:00 pm
Girls 1V (Women’s 1st Junior 8+ on the official schedule) – 1:45 pm
Boys 1V (Men’s 1st Junior 8+ on the official schedule) – 3:00 pm

The team tent will be set up at Riverside Park, but it will not be the usual Shrewsbury Crew Tents.  This is a state park and they require us to use their tents, so when looking for our tent, just look for some familiar faces.  We won’t know our assigned tent space until the day of the regatta.
The links below should assist you with directions, parking, etc.:
1. Link to the map of the race site –

2. Link to information on parking (jump ahead to pages 6 & 7 for specific information on parking) –

All team members must attend this race, riding on the team buses, whether they are competing or not.  If for some family reason, your son/daughter needs to leave from the race site with you, a Transportation Exception Form must be printed, completed, and signed by both the Athletic Director and the respective head coach.  It must be a valid reason, and not just that your son/daughter doesn’t want to ride home on the bus.

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