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Results, Acknowledgements, and Pictures from the NE Jr./HS Regional Championship Regatta

Hello all,

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who battled the weather yesterday to either watch or volunteer during our team’s race at the Lake, from on-the-water assistance, finish line, parking lot, and the food tent. It was a successful day, where 3 of our boats walked away with some “hardware” hanging around their necks at the end of the day.
Our next race is in Pembroke, NH on Sunday, October 15. Hope to see everyone there.
Thank you, again.
Coach Matt


1V – 6th overall (Junior + HS) out of 21 teams; silver medal for HS
** 2V – 12th overall (Junior + HS) out of 14 teams; 8th for HS **
3V – 4th overall (Junior + HS) out of 11 teams; bronze medal for HS

Novice – 9th overall (Junior + HS) out of 26 teams

1V – 8th overall (Junior + HS) out of 20 teams; 4th for HS
2V – 5th overall (Junior + HS) out of 19 teams; bronze medal for HS

3V – 8th overall (Junior + HS) out of 13 teams; 6th for HS
Novice – 6th overall (Junior + HS) out of 27 teams
** The Women’s 2V came across the line, unofficially, 2nd overall (Junior + HS); gold medal for HS, but due to a 2-minute penalty for what was deemed passing in the Narrows, the 2V was moved, officially, to 12th overall & 8th for HS **
Complete results can be found at, under event #s 11, 13, 29/30; 31/32; 33/34; 35/36; 37/38; 39a/40a
Check out the photos of the race at the link below or go to the Photos section of the main page of this website to see pics of all event for this year:
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