Shrewsbury High School Crew

Fall 2019 Massachusetts Public School Rowing Association Champions

SHS Crew Apparel

The stores to order crew apparels are now open and will close on Monday, April 26th.  Below are the links to order the crew clothing.  There are 2 places to order from.  The Boathouse is where you will find the Unisuit (varsity) and a couple of different jackets.  As stated in parents/athletes meeting, the Goretex jacket is for crew members that have rowed for 3 or more seasons.  The other link is for Graphic Edge.  The navy blue T-shirt is the shirt that we are offering for Novice members.  Others are welcome to purchase this as well, but wanted to point out the specific shirt.

The merchandise will be delivered to FOSC Clothing Committee Chairperson’s (Nicole’s) house. You will receive an email with specific days and time slots for pick up.  Also a reminder that we do have some in-stock items that will be available for purchase during the pick up times.

Updated: April 14, 2021 — 12:26 pm
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