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Thank You to the SHS Boosters for Supporting Crew!!

I wanted to share some great news with the community. Over the summer, the crew coaching staff submitted to the SHS Athletic Boosters a list of needed new equipment, updates to our existing equipment, and some needed spare parts for our boats. At the November meeting of the Boosters, our proposal was formally discussed by the group, and a few days after the meeting, we received word that our proposal, in its entirety, was accepted.

I wanted to share with you the equipment that the Boosters has quite generously agreed to purchase for the crew team:

– 2 new sets of oars (16 oars in total)
– 3 Concept2 Model D ergs
– 2 SpeedCoach GPS (
– 2 SpeedCoach XL3 (
– Spare Parts:
* 20 shock cords for our existing ergs
* 16 replacement seats for our existing boats
* 32 replacement wheels for seats in one of our Vespoli 8
* new skegs/fins for our existing boats
* 8 new sets of seat tracks for one of our Vespoli 8
* 4 sets of bow numbers for use on our boats during races

Steve, Lauren, Chris, and I not only want to thank the Boosters for their generosity, but send our gratitude to Manda Wells and Jennifer Siwek, who serve as our team’s Boosters’ representatives, for their tireless efforts.

We had our first formal meeting last night to discuss our capital campaign. More specific details will soon follow, but with the funds from this campaign, we are hoping to purchase 2 new Vespoli 8s, 2 new sets of oars, and 2 new cox boxes.

Thank you for everyone’s support. Hope everyone has a restful holiday season.

Thank you

Matt, Steve, Lauren, and Chris

Updated: December 6, 2017 — 10:41 am
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