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Fall 2019 Massachusetts Public School Rowing Association Champions

Farewell FOSC and SHS Crew

Here it is, my last post as the webmaster. I’ve really enjoyed the role of keeping everyone informed and sharing the successes of SHS Crew. I’ve had the privilege of working with a top-notch group of parent volunteers who care so much about both the kids and the sport. I thank you all for the collaboration and friendship and will miss working with you.

A special thanks to the coaches for your tireless effort and the continuous excellence you bring to the team. This team has developed into one of the finest public school teams in Massachusetts (if not the finest). Your leadership produces results and the team is on a fantastic trajectory. You have many bright days of practice and races ahead.

I certainly can’t go without mentioning all of the outstanding student-athletes who make the program what it is. Your dedication to the sport is inspiring and your commitment to being good teammates and good people is unparallelled. You are the heartbeat of SHS Crew and I thank you for all the great memories (and there were many).

Going forward, Shailendra Bist will be assuming this role. His son Rushil is a Sophomore. He’s excited to take this on and contribute to what I think is by far the best parent support organization for athletics at SHS. I’m confident he’ll do an outstanding job. I will be following his work as I keep up-to-date on how the team is doing.

Come fall, I’ll be the “newbie” again as I meet the other parents of the RIT rowing team, learning the ins and outs of college regattas. I’m excited to see Natalie continue to compete as a collegiate athlete and anticipate many great rowing memories to come.

All the best,

Updated: June 17, 2020 — 10:23 pm
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