Shrewsbury High School Crew

Massachusetts Public School Rowing Association Champions (Fall 2019)

Calendar (Events/Regattas)

  1. We have moved our schedule to Google Calendar.  The default view is “Agenda” (for people viewing on a mobile phone).
  2. You can view (and print) the SHS Crew Schedule by week or month (click desired view at upper right corner of the calendar).
  3. Click on an activity (practice, regatta, etc.) to see the full details for regattas, bus departure times, etc.

Information Regarding the Links to Schedules, Lane Assignments, and Results:

The host program for a regatta will be responsible for providing the schedules, lane assignments (Heat Sheet) and the finishing times for the regatta.  The most common sites used to post results are, or  As a point of convenience, the webmaster will work to provide links to this information whenever possible

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