Shrewsbury High School Crew

Massachusetts Public School Rowing Association Champions (Fall 2019)

Mission and Officers

Our Mission

The Friends of Shrewsbury Crew is an independent nonprofit corporation that operates in support of the Crew Program at Shrewsbury High School. We are not a school, academic institution, or university.

The purpose of the Friends of Shrewsbury Crew (or “FOSC”) is to provide support to the Crew Program at Shrewsbury High School in the following manner:

  1. To cooperate with the School Committee and Administration to support Shrewsbury High School Crew in whatever manner possible under the scope of this constitution, its by-laws and its policies.
  2. To work for the good name of and good will towards the Shrewsbury High School Crew.
  3. To provide support for the oarsmen, managers, coaches, parents, alumni and friends of the Shrewsbury High School Crew and to become acquainted with and share in the same goals.
  4. To provide support, encouragement and promote awareness throughout the community of the Shrewsbury High School Crew Teams and to solicit contributions and engage in fundraising activities to further support the Shrewsbury High School Crew Teams.

Officers 2023-2024

President: David Bruschi ([email protected])
Vice President: Charlene Stoessel
Treasurer: Janine Hess
Secretary: Robert Christman

Committee Chairpersons 2022-2023

Webmaster:  M.J. Johnson ([email protected])
Fundraising:  Helen Strickland ([email protected]) / Blake Jarvi ([email protected])
Food:  Lisa Rosenkrantz ([email protected])
– Girls Crew Support : Aruna Tikaare / Andria Mitros
– Boys Crew Support : Kelly Lagrander / Lijun Liu
Clothing:  Charlene Stoessel
Scholarship:  Janine Hess
SHS Athletics Booster Reps:
Boys : Lisa Bruschi / M.J. Johnson
Girls : Kerry Kent / Bill Kimball / Anne-Kiraithe-Gichobi

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