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College Recruiting

There is a variety of information that is publicly available on the internet that speaks to college athletics recruiting in general and collegiate rowing in particular.

So You Want To Row In College – Is an article from the June 2017 edition of ROWING Magazine that provides an overview of the recruiting process. Reviewing this article is a good starting point.

Discuss your interest with the coaching staff – The SHS Crew coaches rowed in college and have supported legacy athletes through their recruiting process.  You are encouraged to speak with your coach about your interest for rowing in college.  They can help provide guidance.

Gain insight by talking with Junior/Senior athletes and their parents – Each year, there are a few current SHS Crew student-athletes who are actively undergoing the recruiting process.  They can share their experiences with you.  Keep in mind that each person and their situation is different, so you cannot assume that their experience will apply specifically to you.  They can give you a flavor of what the process is like, but exercise care in assuming that any one person is a source of fact.  Use their feedback as additional data but don’t shortcut doing your own legwork.

Talk to SHS Crew alumni who are rowing in college – Much insight can be gained by speaking with former SHS rowers who are currently experiencing collegiate rowing.  Speak to your coach about getting connected with an alumnus who can share their experiences.

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