Shrewsbury High School Crew

Massachusetts Public School Rowing Association Champions (Fall 2019)

Student-Athlete Expectations

* Practices: Normally we practice on Monday through Friday, 2:30pm no later than 6pm. After-crew pick-up in the boat ramp outside the DRC should be at 6pm, unless we finish our work early. Please do not plan on pick-up any later than 6pm. Please check the schedule for those possibilities (usually in the spring season instead of the fall season).

* Weekends: Weekend crew time is reserved for races. We do not ordinarily practice on a weekend, unless there is a problem with weekday practice. Weekends with no scheduled races are for family time. Usually there is no morning practice unless there is a prom or major event that would precipitate that. We will let you know as needed.

* Appointments/other commitments: It is expected that all doctor and dentist appointments (unless, obviously, an emergency), jobs, music lessons and commitments, dance classes, and other extracurricular activities will be scheduled outside of our 3-6pm practice time. If you cannot schedule outside of our time, please choose one activity or the other, not both. We cannot have the flow of people away from our program that we had this spring. It is not fair to the others in the boat when one oarmen has to be “out of here by 5pm” or comes continuously late to practice.

* Clothing: All crewmembers need to row in spandex shorts, socks, and a T-shirt. It is also suggested that rowers have sweats, jacket, and raingear available, due to changing weather conditions. We row in everything except thunder and lightning, heavy rain, or high winds.  For their first season, rowers will buy a crew t-shirt, and after that, they will need to buy a uni. Everything else offered for sale is optional, but good for team spirit.

* Swim test: Students need to be able to swim well because of the danger of drowning if a boat capsizes, or they fall off the dock. Obviously, we will do everything in our power to be reasonable and prudent, and not put your child in danger. However, the possibility still exists, so it is necessary that they can survive in the water. We no longer test them at the DRC; we take your signature as proof that they are able to perform the following swim test: back float for 1 minute, treading water with the hands above the water for 1 minute, survival floating (minimal movement in a face down jelly fish position, with a gentle push up to get a breath every 10-20 seconds) for 5 minutes, surface dives and freestyle swimming for 10 minutes non-stop. Rowers need to be comfortable in the water and not have to touch bottom – some parts of our lake are over 100 feet deep.

* Physical conditioning: Oarsmen also need to come to us in top physical condition to row effectively. ¬†Running, up to 3 miles, will be done on the DRC grounds and in the boat ramp area. If a rower is unable to run because of knee problems, daily ergs will be done. If rowers cannot do 20-minute pieces daily, they should not be rowing. Stretching and cali’s will also be done daily. Be aware that all medical problems have to be in writing and up to date. Some problems may result in the inability to participate on the crew team. It is unsafe for a child with an injury to row – it is usually exacerbated by the rowing process. We need kids in top shape to keep them safe, and to win against the teams we are rowing. Be prepared.

* Zero Tolerance for drug & alcohol use!!

*Pasta Parties: Pasta parties are typically held the night before a race. The Boys and Girls Teams each hold their own separate parties due to the large number of members per team. These parties are usually hosted by one of the Team Captains. These parties are usually right after practice. The household that is hosting the party will provide Pasta, Meatballs and/or Sausage and paper goods. The Captains assign each class something to bring. Such as: Seniors – Drinks, Juniors – Salad, Sophomores – Bread and Freshmen – Healthy Desserts or Fruit (no sweets). It is not mandatory to bring something to the party but very much appreciated by the hosting families. ALL rowers are welcome to attend the Pasta Parties even if your child is not racing in the race the following day. This is a great way for the team to bond and get “psyched up” before the race. (These are general guidelines but whoever is hosting the party can be as creative as they want in the food choices and preparations).

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