Shrewsbury High School Crew

Massachusetts Public School Rowing Association Champions (Fall 2019)

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If you have any questions, comments or concerns with regards the Shrewsbury High School Crew program, you may direct inquiries the following individuals as appropriate.

President of the Friends of Shrewsbury Crew

Shrewsbury High School Athletic Director

Shrewsbury High School Crew Girl’s Head Coach

Shrewsbury High School Crew Boy’s Head Coach

Please note that the coaching staff encourages athletes to advocate for themselves as issues arise and parent involvement should occur only in cases where direct athlete involvement fails to reach a satisfactory outcome.  Discussions on program issues should start with the coaches first, then with the Athletic Director if needed.

In collaboration with Shrewsbury School System, Shrewsbury High School, the Shrewsbury High School Athletic Director, and the Shrewsbury High School Head Coaches; the Shrewsbury Crew program strategic direction & decisions, are managed by a dedicated group of volunteer alumni and parents, who provide their time to ensure a safe and enriching experience for every student-athlete (or prospective athlete) that is part of the crew program.

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