Shrewsbury High School Crew

Massachusetts Public School Rowing Association Champions (Fall 2019)

Spectating Advice

Encouraging and cheering the team before, during and after the race is very important. The race itself can be viewed from several different vantage points and it is important to remember that, unlike other sports, there is no stadium, gym or bleachers. Some regattas provide seating, but more often than not, it is best to bring your own chair. For fall races on Lake Quinsigamond the finish is at the Donahue Rowing Center, while the spring races finish down at Regatta Point. Regatta Point is the Massachsuetts Department of Recreation & Conservation Park adjacent to the Route 9 Bridge in Worcester.

Although it may seem that your involvement is marginal, the effect of your presence on the morale of the team is beyond measure. Knowing that mom/dad/friends are on the shoreline is one of the greatest motivators that the team has.

And, always remember the first rule of watching a crew race…BRING BINOCULARS!

We also encourage the photographically gifted amongst you to take as many pictures as you can to submit them for display on the website. In that way, parents that cannot attend a race can still see what happened.

When you arrive at an away race, please look for the blue canopy with the gold letters: “Shrewsbury Crew”. Please introduce yourself to the various individuals at the tent, as the parents of the veteran rowers will be very happy to see you.

PLEASE NOTE: The area near the dock is often crowded with boats and crews, and is potentially dangerous due to the movement of equipment. We recommend that you keep a safe distance from the dock as you congratulate our teams as they leave the water.

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