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Updated Information for 4/13 Race

Please note that the race order has been updated for tomorrow’s race.

B3V – 1:30 pm
G4V – 1:40 pm
B2V – 1:50 pm
G3V – 2:00 pm
B4V – 2:10 pm
G2V – 2:20 pm
G1V – 2:30 pm
B1V – 2:40 pm

The shuttle buses from SHS are now confirmed.

From Shrewsbury High School to the DRC/state boat ramp – will begin at 12 pm, and will leave SHS every 30 minutes after that until 5:30 pm.

From the DRC/state boat ramp to Shrewsbury High School – will begin at approximately 12:15 pm, and will leave the DRC/state boat ramp every 30 minutes after that until 5:45 pm

Lane assignments can be found here.

The following information has been provided by the coaching staff:

We are still awaiting the final race schedule with lane assignments, provided by St. John’s HS Crew. We can at least tell you that the preliminary schedule provided to us by SJHS is:

GV4 – 1:30
BV4 – 1:40
GV3 – 1:50
BV3 – 2:00
GV2 – 2:10
BV2 – 2:20
GV1 – 2:30
BV1 – 2:40

We will inform the teams today exactly what time they need to report to the DRC.

The parking rules remain the same as last week.  The QRA is in the process of setting up a shuttle bus that will be running all day from Shrewsbury High School to the DRC.  I have attached a map of SHS, showing in what lot you should be parking, if you choose to take advantage of the shuttle bus.

There is a potential of parking on Saturday to be a bit nutty as there will be some overlap between our race beginning and the college races wrapping up.  Please be patient.

Updated: April 12, 2019 — 11:26 pm
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