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Team Pictures 9/26 – Order Form

A message from Coach Hastings:  [This applies to both boy’s and girl’s teams]

Next Wednesday, 9/26, during practice, our crew teams will get their team photos taken (for the yearbook).  If anyone would like to order personal copies, I have attached to this email an order form that I received from the SHS Athletic Department.  At the top of the PDF, there is the company’s website and other necessary information if you choose to pre-order.
All athletes will be required to wear the team uniforms, whether they are the Boathouse jacket, unisuit, or novice t-shirt.  If the new novice t-shirts are not in by that time, we ask others on the team to share their older t-shirts for just the picture. We need to look professional in the pictures.


Updated: September 21, 2018 — 10:10 am
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