Shrewsbury High School Crew

Massachusetts Public School Rowing Association Champions (Fall 2019)

SHS Crew Apparel

The stores to order crew apparels are now open until April 20th.

Two different online stores:

1. Boathouse (
– Includes Jackets, unisuits (required for varsity rowers), girl’s tank, hats and visors.
– All products have new artwork. Rowers can continue to use their current unisuits with old logos.
– Boathouse tends to have longer lead times; you may want to pre-order for the next season.

2. Game One (
– Includes multiple colors and artwork options in hoodie, crewneck, joggers, short and long sleeve shirts, polos, canvas hat

Note: some items may be cancelled if minimums are not met

Updated: April 9, 2022 — 4:02 pm
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