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Spring 2021 Race : 04/24 update

Hello Everyone,

SHS Boys’ Crew had a terrific return to competition this Saturday, 4/24 when they scrimmaged St. Johns. It was a beautiful day at home on Lake Quinsigamond and both boats had great pieces against their old rivals in red. Below are two videos, the first is part of the first crew’s (SHS Crew A) 1500m scrimmage vs SJ which started the afternoon off and the second is part of the second crew’s (SHS Crew B) 1000m scrimmage, the final competition of the day. Below is a list of that day’s scrimmages and finally the videos (of 1st and 4th Race).
Thank you,
The Coaches

1st Race: 1500m – SJ Crew A, SHS Crew A, SJ Crew B
2nd Race: 1500m – SJ Crew C, SHS Crew B
3rd Race: 1000m – SJ Crew C, SHS Crew A, SJ Crew A
4th Race: 1000m – SJ Crew B, SHS Crew B

Updated: April 26, 2021 — 7:04 pm
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